Welcome to my blog! Rebranding has been such a rewarding, time consuming, hair-pulling experience but I am glad to finally have a space that reflects my current style, and a place to recap all the lovely sessions I’ve had so far. I will be playing blog so stay tuned for lots of images!

First up is Baby Bowe. Bowe was welcomed by two older brothers so of course we had to get some sibling and parent shots as well. He gave us lots of smiles throughout the session and was such a mellow baby. I really love all the images we were able to capture 🙂
2016-08-02_0015.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0016.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0017.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0012.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0013.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0018.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0019.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0020.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0021.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0022.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0024.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0023.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0025.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0026.jpgP I N I T
2016-08-02_0014.jpgP I N I T

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