Anna and Lorin- Arizona Maternity Photography

Lorin is a former coworker of my husband and now good friend, so I was thrilled when his wife Anna contacted me to shoot their maternity session. She wanted green, flowers, and a spring boho feel so I suggested we drive to Boyce Thompson Arboretum for a morning session. If you haven’t been, I suggest a day trip with your family- it’s really a great place! Maternity sessions are one of my favorites because I get to capture the anticipation, excitement, and so much love someone has for a little being they haven’t even met yet. Such a beautiful session and I’m glad to capture such an important time in their lives!

boycethompsonmaternityphotography-1P I N I T

boycethompsonmaternityphotography-2P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-3P I N I T
boycethompsonmaternityphotography-18P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-17P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-16P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-15P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-14P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-13P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-12P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-11P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-10P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-9P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-8P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-7P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-6P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-5P I N I T boycethompsonmaternityphotography-4P I N I T

boycethompsonmaternityphotography-19P I N I T

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