Ahwatukee Newborn Photographer | Lilianna Newborn Session

I love when clients come to me for their maternity session and newborn session shortly after that. It’s really amazing to meet the babies that have been keeping their loved ones waiting for 9+ months. Baby Lilianna’s session was held at Cheryl & Nick’s home in Ahwatukee and was a mix of lifestyle and traditional poses. Lilianna was such a sweetie and a dream to work with. She was attentive to everyone and everything going on, surprisingly aware of everything considering she was only a week old!

Just look how precious she looked nestled in her parent’s arms ๐Ÿ™‚

2016-09-22_0004.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0030.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0027.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0007.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0005.jpgP I N I T

Great grandma was there and Cheryl requested to have some shots of Lilianna with her. Great grandma was so worried about having her wrinkled hands in the shots, thinking she’d look horrible in the photos. Oh Grandma! On the contrary, it was a great honor to capture every single wrinkle of yours. Because you know what? It is a privilege to make it to that age, a privilege many don’t get to have. What I would give for my own grandmothers to have met my babies.

2016-09-22_0026.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0001.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0028.jpgP I N I T 2016-09-22_0002.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0003.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0029.jpgP I N I T

Lifestyle sessions are a great way to document family interaction in a much more unposed, relaxed way. ย Best of all, it can be done in the comfort of your own home!

2016-09-22_0008.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0009.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0010.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0011.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0012.jpgP I N I T

2016-09-22_0013.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0015.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0014.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0016.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0017.jpgP I N I T

This photo was a surprise for Nick’s sister, who works for Nike and loves golf ๐Ÿ™‚
2016-09-22_0018.jpgP I N I T

Baby Lilianna fell asleep at the end of the session, just in time to get some traditional poses of just her. Isn’t she beautiful?2016-09-22_0019.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0020.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0021.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0022.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0023.jpgP I N I T
2016-09-22_0024.jpgP I N I T

and just look at that smile! ๐Ÿ™‚
2016-09-22_0025.jpgP I N I T

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