About me

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“Photography is a love affair with life” -Burk Uzzle

Hi there! My name is Aimee, and I wholeheartedly believe and live by this quote. More than capturing posed smiles, I seek to capture those imperfectly perfect moments, those raw emotions, beauty, and manifestations of love. My favorite family past time has always been to go through old family photos with my family, and remembering those important moments captured on film. This truly makes me realize the importance of capturing it all through photography for you to look back and for a moment, transport yourself to a beautiful moment frozen forever.

Fun facts about me:
I have been married for almost seven years now and my husband and I have two adorable boys- Tommy and Lucas. They are my sunshine every day. With a degree in landscape architecture, I admit I am a plant nerd and absolutely love plants, even though they don’t always love me back (ahem succulents). I love traveling and am a huge wanderlust at heart but a homebody nonetheless. Design runs through my veins, whether it is interior, landscape, graphic, etc.